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Updated May 28, 2017

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                                              SS : *B Maple Wind PVRR Fortuneteller
                              S : Maple Wind Fortunate Son 
                                            SD : CH Maple Wind Wonder Fancy
Cherry Glen Son Demeanor    A1859273        02/15/16 
                                             DS : +*B GCH PJ-Bailys' FTC Apollo
                              D : Cherry Glen Apollo Diary 8*M
                                             DD : Dkidd Dinah' Dianna 7*M

                                           SS: ++*B SGCH Shahena'KO Sumo Tierro 
                          S: +*B Cherry Glen Tierro Prinston 
                                           SD: Cherry Glen Cunningham Praline 5*M

Cherry Glen Prinston Gresia             AA1859291  3/06/16

                                             DS : +*B Cherry Glen Loverboy Lamar  
                              D : Cherry Glen Lamar Glorisa 7*M
                                             DD : Cherry Glen Pawn Glisten 6*M



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